Get answers to your questions about Vertica®, erection enhancement, and more.
is meant to be used at home and does not require a prescription. It is approved for use by the Israeli Ministry of Health.
No side effects were reported by any of our users other than a gentle warming sensation and slight redness. Both of these are temporary and should go away as soon as you turn off your Vertica® device. You can set the level of RF energy emitted by the device for maximum comfort.
Yes, it is entirely safe to use the Vertica® device. Safety was a top priority while developing Vertica®, and all the components and pieces adhere to strict ISO 13485 standards. The device is built with a state-of-the-art monitoring and protection mechanism to ensure it is safe and effective. During the many tests and clinical trials conducted with Vertica®, no safety issues or problems that may lead to danger or harm during treatment were discovered. For maximum safety, make sure you always follow the instructions included with the device.

As we age, our natural physiological mechanisms start to deteriorate. Vertica® works by restoring the physiological erection mechanism. Usually, men start to notice an improvement within the first two weeks of treatment; some even experience ‘morning wood’ and spontaneous erections throughout the day. The complete initial round of treatment usually lasts two weeks to 3 months. You may notice some decline over time once you stop using Vertica®. Since you have your own device available, you can always start up treatment again if you experience a reduction in erection quality. You can also keep using your Vertica® device regularly to maintain your erectile function.

As with any medical process, different bodies respond differently to treatments – so you may need less or more time to achieve a noticeable improvement. Make sure you follow the instructions to get the best results.

has six levels of RF energy, and you can use the +/- buttons to set the level of RF energy the device emits for maximum comfort.
For best results, we recommend doing three weekly sessions over the first month and at least two weekly sessions from the second month onward. Each session should include both phases: ring-only and pad + ring. For a session to be considered complete, the white indicator light should be on for at least 15 minutes (the light only turns on when the device is actively delivering RF energy for treatment).